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Food in Andhra Pradesh


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Food in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is known for its spicy cuisine all over the world. However, there are regional variations are available in the same as Andhra Pradesh is a big state. It is divided between Coastal Andhra, Rayalseema, Hyderabadi and Telangana cuisine and the first two are part of new Andhra cuisine. Coastal Andhra cuisine usually offer rice based dishes along with some lip smacking sea food dishes as both of these items are available in ample amount here. Extensive use of chilli is the main feature of this cuisine as the region is one of the biggest producers of chilies. Nellore from Coastal Andhra offers some unique and flavorful dishes to its visitors.

Food in Andhra Pradesh

Another part of coastal Andhra is the Uttarandhra region, which includes north eastern cities of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. This region offer totally different and unique flavors as most of the foods are sweeter than others. Even the lentils are cooked with jaggery here. The gravy cooked here includes avapettina kura (mustard seed paste), nuvvugunda kura (sesame paste) and menthipettina kura (fenugreek seed paste) in Uttarandhra region.

On the other hand, Rayalseema region offers a mix of Andhra cuisine with Tamil Nadu and South Karnataka Cuisine as both of these states are the neighbour of the same. Some of the famous preparations of Rayalseema cuisine include ragi sangati, rice, jonna, Attirasaalu (rice-based vada using jaggery), rava laddoo and borugu undalu (a sweet variety made corn of jowar and jaggery).

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Staple Food of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the biggest producers of rice in the world. The state is commonly known as the “rice bowl of India” and, hence most of the dishes are rice based here. Rice, chili, dal (lentil) and seafood are the staple foods of Andhra Pradesh. This is the reason behind extensive use of rice and lentils in almost all of the food preparations here.

Breakfast Menu of Andhra Pradesh

Breakfast menu of entire Andhra Pradesh is almost similar and have only a few basic recipes. However, different variations of these basic recipes are prepared from place to place in the state. Most of the times coffee, tea or milk is accompanied with the breakfast. However, one can leave the same out of choice as it is not required with Andhra breakfast. Here are the details of the main recipes served in the breakfast in Andhra Pradesh.

Breakfast in Andhra Pradesh


Idli is one of the main dishes of entire South India. It is a preparation of rice and lentils and is usually served with butter, condiments and sambar. There are variants of Idli are available in the market and some of them include podi idli, rava idli, ragi idli and tatte idli.

Andhra Vada

Vada is another preparation of lentil and rice based batter and is served in entire South India along with sambar and condiments. Various versions of Andhra Vada include gunta punukulu (rice and dal based), garelu (lentil based), punukulu (idli batter based), saggubiyyam punukulu (saboodana based), thapala chekkalu (rice, dal, onion, curry leaves and chili based) and moong dal punukulu (moong dal based).

Andhra Upma

Upma is made from dry roasted semolina and has a consistency of a thick porridge. Seasoning and several vegetables are added in Upma at the time of its preparation. Andhra Pradesh offers several types of Upma to its visitors and some of them include uppindi (broken semolina flour based), godhuma uppindi ( broken wheat flour based) and saggubiyyam ( saboodana based).

Andhra Atukulu or Poha

Atukulu or Poha is the preparation of flatten rice (rice flakes) and is served in not only Andhra Pradesh but in most of the parts of our nation. In Andhra Pradesh, people make dosa nad upma from atukulu rather than preparing the same with spices.

Andhra Dosa

Andhra Cuisine

Dosa is another preparation of rice and lentils (urad dal) and is similar to a crepe. It is usually served with sambar, mashed potatoes and condiments. Different variants of dosa include minapattu (rice and lentil based), pesarattu (dosa made from moong dal), dibba attu (dosa made from idli batter), atukula (poha)dosa and rava (semolina) dosa.

Lunch and Dinner Preparations of Andhra Pradesh

Lunch and dinner are a spicy affair in Andhra Pradesh. Green chillies and red chillies are used extensively in preparation of most of the dishes here. Tamarind is one of the most used ingredients in Andhra recipes. Sambar, rasam, chutneys and pulusu use the same in extensive amount and a meal in Andhra Pradesh feels incomplete without these food items. Jaggery is another main ingredient of Andhra dishes and most of the desserts and sweets accompany the same.

Most of the dishes of Andhra food involve a lot of deep frying and stir frying of ingredients in oil. Not only the non – vegetarian dishes but vegetarian dishes involve the same. However, chutneys on the other hand are prepared by grinding the ingredients in a blender. Let us take a look at some of the important vegetarian and non- vegetarian preparations of Andhra Pradesh.

Vegetarian Delicacies of Andhra Pradesh

Vegetarian Food in Andhra Pradesh

Vegetarian delicacies of the state can be divided among three varieties including Koora (curry), Pappu (Dal) and Pulusu. Koora is the term given to the protein based dishes of the state and can be further divided into various categories as per their main ingredient. For example, Pappu Koora is the name given to lentil based dishes of the state, while on the other hand podi is the name given to powdered lentil based condiments. Here are some other examples of Koora:

  • Pappucharu – Thick lentil broth
  • Rasam – Clear soup made with tamarind
  • Vepudu (Fry): It is the name given to crispy fried vegetables recipes made of potato (bangaladumpa), colocasia, okra (bendakaya), ivy gourd (dondakaya) and several regional vegetables.
  • Gojju – It is the name given to all gravies, having a base of tomato or coriander seed base and usually involves Drum Stick, Brinjal and Okra.

Kaaram Petti Koora, Charu and Ooragaya are some of the other preparations of Vegetarian dishes of Andhra Pradesh.

In addition, Pappu (lentil) is usually prepared by adding Toor Dal or Moong Dal with different vegetables and seasoning the same with some spices such as garlic, onion, asafetida etc.

Pulusu, on the other hand is a curry like stew and usually involve tamarind in cooking process. Challa Pulusu is a famous dish and is prepared by boiling sour buttermilk with chana dal and coconut paste.
Pulusu (sour) is a curry-like stew that is typically sour and cooked with tamarind paste. Other common bases are tomatoes or mangoes. The mixture can be flavored with mustard, chilies, curry leaves, jaggery, onions, or fenugreek. Fish, chicken, and eggs are typical meat additions. Pachi Pulusu is an unheated version of pulusu typically made of mangoes or tamarind consumed during warm months.

Non-Vegetarian Delicacies of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has always been famous for its spicy cuisine since ancient days. Non-vegetarian dishes of the state have a special place in the hearts of people of entire nation. Abundance of sea food and poultry items make it a perfect destination to give your non – vegetarian taste buds a treat. Here are the details of some of the most popular non – vegetarian preparations of Andhra Pradesh.

Non-vegetarian food in Andhra Pradesh

  • Biryani – Various recipes of biryani are prepared in different regions of the state. Kodi Palav (Prepared with Chicken), Royyala Palav (Prepared with Shrimp), Mutton Biryani, Mixed biryani (Mutton, Shrimp and Chicken), Kaaja Biryani and Kunda Biryani (Pot Biryani)are among the most famous ones here. Additionally, the most famous Hyderabadi Biryani can be found in almost all of the restaurants of the state.

  • Kodi Koora – It is preparation chicken gravy with Onions, Tomato, Coriander, Tamarind and Coconut.

  • Mutton Koora - It is a preparation of mutton gravy with Onions, Tomato, Coriander, Tamarind and Coconut.

  • Endu Chapala Vankaya – It is prepared by combining dry fish gravy with brinjal.

  • Royyala Kura – It is a preparation of Prawns cooked with tamarind and onion paste.

  • Gongura Ghosh – It is a lamb curry preparation by adding the same in freshly ground green chilli paste and gravy of Gongura.

  • Kodi Gudla Pulusu – It is a preparation of Egg curry with chopped onions, green chilies and coriander.

  • Bongu chicken (Bamboo chicken)

  • Chepala Pulusu – It is a preparation of fish curry made by adding freshly ground spices to the dish.

Andhra Thali

Andhra Cuisine

Andhra Thali usually combines several food items at the same place. Cooked rice, curry (vegetarian and non – vegetarian), dal (pappu), yogurt (perugu), papadum (appadam) and pickles (pachadi) are the essential parts of Andhra Thali. Neyyi (desi ghee) and charu (rasam) are the other must haves of Andhra Thali. Usually mudda pappu (arahar dal) is used in preparation of dal and Avakaya (traditional mango pickle) is used for pickle in the thali. People also like to have paan after having a thali in their lunch or dinner.

Desserts of Andhra Pradesh

Desserts are not only used for simply satisfying one’s sweet tooth, but are also used for the purpose of gifting as well. People in Andhra Pradesh are fond of different kinds of sweets and every festival of the state is incomplete without a sweet preparation. Let us take a look at some of the renowned desserts of the state here:

Desserts of Andhra Pradesh

  • Attirasaalu – It is a preparation of Vada with rice and jaggery.

  • Pakam undalu – It is prepared by steaming rice flour and adding jaggery and ground nuts to the same.

  • Rava laddu – It is one of the most famous sweets of entire Andhra Pradesh and is made from semolina, milk, ghee and sugar.

  • Sunnundallu – It is another preparation of laddu made from with roasted Urad Dal and Jaggery.

  • Boondi Laddu – It is one of the most famous sweets of entire India and is prepared with gram flour, sugar and ghee.

  • Payasam – It is prepared with boiling rice with milk, sugar and dry fruits on a low flame and is quiet similar to the Kheer of North India.

  • Ravva Kesari – It is a similar dessert as Sooji Halwa of North India, However, the main difference between the two is of color as rava kesari is of more orangish color. It is prepared by roasting semolina in ghee and adding water, sugar, cardamom powder and saffron to the same.

  • Malai Khaja – It is prepared with flour, corn flour, sugar, ghee, khoya and dry fruits and is prepared on special occasions and festivals in the state.

  • Chakkera pongali  - It is prepared with rice, moong dal, jaggery, cardamom powder and ghee and is prepared on a frequent basis in homes of the state.

Some other renowned dessert and sweet preparations of the state include Laskora Undalu (coconut laddu) or Raskora Undalu (coconut laddu), Kakinada Khaja, Tapeswaram Kaja, Ariselu and Bhakshalu or Bobbatlu or Polelu

Breads of Andhra Pradesh

Bread preparation of Andhra Pradesh is quiet similar to the rest of the states of India. Chapati and Puri are prepared in the same ways and are usually served with lentils and potato bajji respectively. Poori sago is one of the most famous dishes found in almost all of the restaurants in Andhra Pradesh. In few parts of Andhra Pradesh, chapatti is prepared with ragi flour and jonna flour at the place of wheat flour and the preparation of the same differ slightly as it is not easy to prepare chapatti from these two grains. Sajja Roti (Millet Flatbread) is another famous bread of Andhra Pradesh. Nokulu annam is another preparation of bread from Andhra Pradesh and is made from jowar and jaggery.

Snacks of Andhra Pradesh

Evening snacks are a must have in homes of Andhra Pradesh and are usually served with tea or coffee. Here are the details of some of the renowned evening snacks of Andhra Pradesh:

Snacks in Andhra Pradesh

  • Kaarapoosa – It is a preparation of spicy sev and is made with gram flour, rice flour, salt, chilli powder, baking soda and oil.

  • Bajji and Bondaalu or Punukulu – It is one of the most popular snacks of Andhra Pradesh and have many variants of the same. It is usually prepared by deep frying different vegetables after covering them in a batter of chickpea flour and spices. Different variants of Bajji include Urla Gadda Bajji (Potatoe), Mirapakaya Bajji (Chilli), Vegetable Bonda, Vamu Bajji, Aratikaya Bajji (Plantain) and Vankaya Bajji (Brinjal). They are usually served with different kinds of dips and condiments.

  • Gaare – It is a preparation of deep fried and spiced dough. Different variations of Gaare include Rava Garelu, Ulli Garelu, Pulla Garelu, Perugu gaare/Aavadalu and Bellam Garelu.

  • Maramaraalu or Popped Rice – This snack is made of popped rice by adding onions, tomatoes, chili powder, lime juice and coriander leaves to the same and is quiet similar to the bhel puri (one of the most famous snack of Mumbai).

  • Murukullu or Jantikalu – It is an all time favorite snack of Andhra people and is available on various shops in the markets. Murukku is prepared with gram flour, rice flour, chilli powder, salt, carom seds, sesame seeds, ghee and oil.

Restaurants in Andhra Pradesh

Restaurants in Andhra Pradesh

Numerous restaurants are located in entire Andhra Pradesh. Most of the major cities of the state attract many tourists and vacationers throughout the year due to the presence of several tourist spots located there. This is the reason behind the flourishing of restaurant business in all of them. Every type of restaurant from roadside dhaba to fine dining is available in this vast state. Let us take a look at some of the major restaurants of Andhra Pradesh here:

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Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Andhra Pradesh

Multi Cuisine restaurants have become a need in today’s neoteric world as people from different countries and cultures visit other countries on a frequent basis. In such scenario, Multi cuisine restaurants offer a relief to the tourists as everyone misses their home food after some time of exploration with other cuisines. Here are the details of some of the well known Multi Cuisine restaurants of Andhra Pradesh:

Horizon Multi cuisine Restaurant in Visakhapatnam

Horizon Multi cuisine restaurant of Visakhapatnam is more than three decades old and is one of the most famous restaurants of the city. It offers North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine at one place. It has an awesome buffet menu and also serves on a la carte basis.
Address: 75 Feet Road, Daba Gardens, Besides Saraswati Park, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam
Satyam Multi cuisine Restaurant in Visakhaptnam

Mynt Multi cuisine Restaurant in Visakhapatnam

If you love spicy and scrumptious food, Mynt Multi cuisine restaurant of Visakhapatnma is the place for you. It offers Biryani, North Indian, Chinese and Andhra cuisine at its premises. Huge portion sizes, great taste, and good pricing offered by the restaurant is what makes its customers visit the same again and again.
Address: Sector 1, MVP Colony, Near Petrol Bunk, Venkojipalem, Visakhapatnam

Mayuri Multi cuisine Restaurant in Nellore

Mayuri Multi cuisine Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants of Nellore. It is one of the best places to have north Indian food in Nellore. The restaurant offers Indian, Andhra, Seafood and Chinese cuisine to its customers.
Address: 16/342, Trunk Road | Near Chandana Brothers, Pogathota, Nellore

Aromas Multi cuisine Restaurant in Vijayawada

Aromas Multi cuisine Restaurant was established in 2001 and has not turned back since then. The restaurant offer some scrumptious and lip smacking food to its visitors. It is located within the DV Manor, a Quality Inn group of hotels. It offers both Vegetarian and Non – vegetarian dishes of several cuisines at one place.
Address: Door No 40-1-47, Dv Manor Hotel, Mg Road, Near Benz Circle, Vijayawada

Italian Restaurants in Andhra Pradesh

Italian cuisine has always been on top of the preference list of people as most of the preparations of the same are extremely delicious. Most of the Indian cities have opened various Italian restaurants in recent times looking at the demand of the same and various others are opening day by day. Andhra Pradesh is home to some of the finest Italian restaurants to calm your taste buds. Let us take a glimpse at some of the best ones here:

Flying Spagetti Monster in Visakhapatnam

Flying Spagetti Monster is the best place to have authentic Italian cuisine in Visakhapatnam. Pizza of this restaurant is finger licking and is totally different from Indianized versions of Italian pizza offered by other restaurants in the city. However, the restaurant is a bit pricey and one can end up for paying around INR 1500 for two people here, but the taste of the food make it worth to spend such amount on a meal.
Address: 10-50-12/F2, Sai Dakshata Complex, Beside Lenovo Showroom, Waltair Uplands, Visakhapatnam

Little Italy in Visakhapatanam

Italian Restaurants in Visakhapatnam

Little Italy is one of India’s precious restaurant chain having its availability in various cities of the country. It offers full line of Italian cuisine including various dishes such as Pizza, Pasta and starters. The restaurant also offer buffet menu and Sunday brunch of the same is very famous among the visitors of the place.
Address: 1st floor, ATR Towers, Harbour Park Road, Above Vespa Showroom, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam

Dhabas in Andhra Pradesh

Dhabas play an integral role in not only the tourist’s life but also in truck drivers and road trip takers lives. Just like any other state of our country, Andhra Pradesh is full of various small and big dhabas to cater to the needs of these people. Let us take a look at some of the renowned dhabas of Andhra Pradesh:

Dhabas in Andhra Pradesh

Sea Inn - Raju Gaari Dhaba in Visakhapatnam

Commonly known as Raju gari dhaba, Sea Inn is more than two decades old dhaba of Visakhapatnam. This is the best place to have the authentic local cuisine of the city on your visit to Vizag. Sea-food served in this dhaba is of best quality and is hard to find anywhere else at such a price.
Address: Beach Road, Opposite Cyclone Shelter , Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam

Dhaba City Punjab in Visakhapatnam

As the name suggest, Dhaba City Punjab specialized in North Indian Cuisine. Finding high quality of North Indian dishes in South India is a charm in itself and Dhaba City Punjab exceed everyone’s expectations in this regard. It serves both Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian dishes to the customers.
Address: Near Mecca Masjid, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam

Sharma Dhaba in Vijayawada

Located in the Mangalagiri region of Vijaywada, Sharma Dhaba is one of the most popular dhabas of Vijayawada and serves authentic local food to its customers at a reasonable price. People visit this place again and again to calm their burning desire to have food here.
Address: Yerrampalem Road, Mangalagiri

Fast Food Restaurants in Andhra Pradesh

Restaurants in Andhra Pradesh

Fast food has become the favorite of everyone including children, adults and old people in recent times due to its delicious taste and easy accessibility at every place. Andhra Pradesh has several fast food restaurants to offer to its visitors. Let us have a glimpse at some of them here:

Food Ex in Visakhapatnam

Food Ex is one of the most famous and oldest fast food restaurant chains of Visakhapatnam. It offers Bakery items, Desserts, Fast Food items such as Burgers and Pizza to its customers from its three different outlets in the city. Earlier it was known as Hot Breads and was introduced in 1990s in Visakhapatnam.

  • Signature Towers, Next To Sampath Vinayaka Temple, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam
  • Block A, VUDA Complex, Udyog Bhavan, Behind HSBC, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam
  • CMR Centrak Mall,m Rama Talkies Road, Maddilapalem, Vizag

Just Down the Street in Visakhapatnam

Just Down the Street is known for its Indian Fast Food and North Indian cuisine both. The restaurant offers Kathi Rolls and Kebabs along with Curries and Indian Breads to its customers. Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian preparations both are available for everyone.
Address: 50-53-3/1, North Extension Layout, Seethammadhara, Vizag

KFC in Andhra Pradesh

KFC is one of the most visited fast food chain not only of India but of world today. It has its outlet in almost every city of the country and many are opening soon. Most of the major cities have various branches of the same at different locations. Most of the malls have a place in their food court for KFC.  It offers fast food including burgers, fries, chicken bucket, wraps, box meals, shakes, rice bowls, crushers and desserts.

  • Chitralaya Mall, Chitralaya Road, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam
  • 1 & 2, Ground Floor, Maddlipalem, CMR Central Mall,Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam
  • Door No 42-1-52d & 52e, Upper Ground Floor, Kk Towers, Mg Road, Near Benz Circle, Opposite Chermas, Acharya Ranga Nagar, Vijayawada

Pizza Hut in Andhra Pradesh

Pizza Hut is everyone’s favorite location for having or ordering a pizza worldwide. Most of the cities have various outlets of the same to keep up with the demands of consumers. There are various Pizza Huts located in different districts of Andhra Pradesh. It offers Pizzas, Pan Pizzas, Sides, Dessert, Drinks and Value Meals to its customers.

  • 2nd Lane, Opposite Woodland Showroom , Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag
  • Ramatalkies Road, Near CMR Central Mall, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam
  • Plot No 594, Door No 1-4, Lower Ground Floor, Lepl Icon Mall, Patamata, Near Box Office, Vijayawada
McDonalds in Andhra Pradesh

McDonalds is no doubt the favorite fast food chain of kids in India. They offer scrumptious burgers, French fries, beverages, and many more items from their several outlets throughout the entire nation. Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian both types of burgers are available with McDonalds. However, McDonalds have their presence in Hyderabad only and as per the partition of Andhra Pradesh the same lies in the state of Telangana now. Hence, at the recent times McDonalds does not have its presence in entire Andhra Pradesh.

Cafes in Andhra Pradesh

Cafes have taken up the place of tea and snack joints in recent times. A lot of people visit cafes on a regular basis in the same way as they used to visit tea joint till a few years back. Andhra Pradesh has many cafes in its vicinity. Let us take a look at some of the major cafes of the state here:

Café Coffee Day in Andhra Pradesh

Cafes in ANdhra Pradesh

Café Coffee Day is no doubt the biggest chain of cafes in India. Various outlets of the same are located in most of the cities of the country and Andhra Pradesh is no exception to this. It serves different flavors of coffee along with some sweet and salty snacks to the customers. Both hot and cold preparations of coffee can be availed from the place. One can have their coffee in the café itself or can take away their order as per the desire of the customer.

  • 1-83-6, Sector 1, MVP Double Road, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam
  • 1st Floor, The Landmark Building, CBM Compound, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam, Waltair Uplands, Vizag
  • Spencer's Supermarket, Ramatalkies Road,Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam
  • Ground Level, Chitralaya Mall, Chitralaya Road,Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam
  • SAI Nagu Complex, Benz Circle, Opposite ICICI Bank, Vijayawada
  • 54-15-1b Yelamanchilli Complex, Ring Road, Near Spencer Hyper Market, Vijayawada
  • 145/2, Maruthi cooperative colony,1 st road, Teachers Colony, Opp citizens EM High school, Vijayawada
  • Survey No 496/2, 496/5, Door No 20, Tirumala Bypass Road, Tirupathi Ho, Opposite Alipiri Police Station, Tirupati
  • Tirupathi Ho, Chandragiri Branch, Tirupati

Pastry Coffee N Conversation in Visakhapatnam

Commonly known as PCC among the locals, Pastry Coffee N Conversation is a small but busy café of Visakhapatnam. People visit this place for a nice aromatic cup of coffee again and again making it one of the busiest cafes of Visakhapatnam. It also serve various snacks such as fries, club mayo sandwich and pepperoni pizza along with the different preparations of coffee and tea.
Address: 21, Siripuram Junction, Dutt Island, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam

The Chocolate Room in Vijaywada and Visakhapatnam

If you are a chocolate lover, than The Chocolate Room is a must visit for you once you are in Vizag or Vijayawada region of Andhra Pradesh. It offers various preparations of hot and cold chocolates along with other beverages such as shakes and sundae. Some of the snacks offered by the place are a must to have and Death by Chocolate Pancakes is one such item to try in The Chocolate Room.

  • RK Beach Road, Near Kali Matha Temple, Maharani Peta, Visakhapatnam
  • Address: V RISE CAFE, 54-15-11B, NH5 Frontage Road, Bharathi Nagar, Vijayawada

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