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Rural Tourism in Andhra Pradesh


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Rural Tourism in Andhra Pradesh

Rural tourism in Andhra Pradesh would mean walking and travelling across a region of green paddy fields amidst thatch-roof homes and dusty roads. Well, there are so many tourists who opt for rural tourism in Andhra Pradesh every year. Why? Because it gives them a glimpse of rural lifestyle, first hand information about world famous art and crafts work or even dances that originated in rural hinterland. In short, it gives them 'an experience' which cannot be compared to any trip they have taken before!

What you see includes ancient temples, forts, history and culture of Andhra Pradesh, rural cuisine and an opportunity to go around with the local people in the peace of a rural background.

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) has made efforts to promote rural tourism in Andhra Pradesh. Let us know about rural places you must visit when you make a trip to Andhra Pradesh state in India.

Rural Places to visit in Andhra Pradesh


Puttur is a small village in Andhra Pradesh. It is famous for agriculture, mangroves and the prominent silk business. Traditional homes look so beautiful. Most of the inhabitants are involved in saree weaving. You will be able to see the entire saree making process and go trekking in nearby hills.


Undavalli caves

Guntur is home to ancient caves, temples, sanctuaries, beaches etc. The Undavalli Caves built in the 4th and 5th century depict rock-cut architecture. Bhattiprol village which was a hub for production of clothes in the 5th century consists many Buddhist ruins. Visit Nizampatnam village and see Uppu Mahal. About 25 kms. from Guntur is Kondaveedu which is an ideal destination for  trekking enthusiasts. There is also an old fort on the top of the hill in Kondaveedu.


There are a number of temples in and around Kadapa. Kadapa is known as the gateway to Tirupati - place where the popular temple dedicated to Sri Venketswara is located. Nallamalai and Palkonda hills surround Kadapa with Pennar river flowing nearby. You must visit Tirupati temple, Pushpagiri and Gandi, Masjid-e-Azam, Chand Phira Gumbadh, Bramham Gaari Matham and Devuni Kadapa. 

West Godavari

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary

West Godavari is a rich and fertile district is Andhra Pradesh which offers you a memorable experience of rural tourism. Kolleru Lake here is the largest fresh water lake in India and comprises of varied wildlife. There is also the Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary for bird and nature lovers. You will love to see migratory and aquatic birds including flamingos, teals, herons and egrets. The sanctuary also consists of animals and reptiles such as jackals, hyenas, snakes, panthers, bears, wolves and lizards.


Nellore is located near Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and is a hub of beautiful lakes, temples, rivers and beaches. Kandaleru Dam is 60 kms. from Nellore city.  This dam is an earthen dam and the surrounding view of green forest cover and hills looks amazing. The Pulicat Lake is home to many migratory birds like flamingos, pin tails, pelican and egrets.



This village in Andhra Pradesh is popular for Etikoppaka Toys. Etikoppaka Toys are taken by tourists to various parts of the world. The village also finds mention for its old-age tradition of wooden carvings, artefacts resembling shapes of items from Mohenjedaro and Harappa.

Ponduru Khaddar

This village is popular for producing the best quality and finest Khadi. Khadi is exported to countries such as America, Denmark, Japan and Sweden from Ponduru.



This is yet another village and rural region in the state of Andhra Pradesh which is known for brassware. Budithi Brassware involves creating beautiful shapes from alloys ranging from traditional and modern item.

Boodan Pochampalli

Rural Tourism

Pochampally village is 50 kms from Hyderabad. This small village is the largest centre for Ikkat  - tie-and-dye craft for silk and cotton weaving. Here you can have a live experience of this traditional craft! You will also love the local culture and cuisine. Tourism Complex houses the Ikkat weaving museum, amphitheatre for performance of local art forms, shops, cafeteria and lawns for relaxation.
Experienced artisans and gurus in Chenetha Gurukulam offer you in-depth study and methods of weaving ikkat for your knowledge. There are short term (1-5 days course) and long term (1 Year) courses too!

Pochampalli village was also the starting point for Acharya Vinoba Bhave's Bhoodan (donation of land for community use) movement. The movement started on 18 April 1951. You can also visit the Acharya's Ashram (Mandir) here which comprises pictures, statues of Acharya Vinobha Bhave and the Bhoodan Stupam (Gangotri). 

Swamy Ramananda Thirtha Rural Institute (SRTRI) SRTRI provides computer-aided weaving design services along with vocational training to rural youth. Accommodation is also provided for those interested in learning.

Other products you can buy in Pochampalli include Palm stock baskets, palm leaf mats, mud pots, unfermented palm sap or Neera which is a nutritious drink. Bags, file folders, purses and other utility items are also available here.

Batukamma Panduga is celebrated here with great pomp and show and women folk decorate Bathukamma - Goddess of life and energy with colourful flowers. Bonalu is another festival in which women folk seek blessings for good health of the entire village.



Kuchipudi is a village in Movva mandal in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Classical Indian dance form of Kuchipudi is believed to have originated from this village. Kuchipudi dance form became famous owing to Bhakti movement in the 7th century. In the 14th century, ascetic Siddhendra Yogi gave Kuchipudi a new definition and direction. It must be noted here that originally Kuchipudi was a male dance tradition.

Kuchipudi village is located 65 kms. from Vijayawada city and 26 kms. from Machilipatnam. There are many temples in the region. Undavalli caves,  Mogalrajpuram Caves, Sri Venugopal Swamy Temple and the Kanaka Durga Temple are located nearby. Nearest Railway Station is Vijayawada.

Machilipatnam Kalamkari craft of Pedana near in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh is famous worldwide. Tourists visit Pedana for several Kalamkari and Handloom cheneta (weaving).  The two distinctive styles of kalamkari in India are  Srikalahasti style (pen or kalam is used for free hand drawing) and the other, the Machilipatnam style of art.


Kamavarapukota is a village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Guntupalli Hills (including Kota Gattu), Dwaraka Tirumala, an ancient place of pilgrimage and Caves of Buddha are places you must visit here. Guntupalli Group of Buddhist Monuments located 40 kms. from Eluru has Buddhist caves, viharas, and a group of stupas for you to see!

Rural tourism in Andhra Pradesh is not only about sightseeing but also about tasting sumptuous cuisine of village, participating in their festivals, learning the nuances of their craft and enjoying the peaceful and green surroundings.

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